Auditions for A Christmas Story: The Musical

The Wagon Wheel Theatre, is pleased to announce auditions for Boys and Girls ages 9-16 (5' tall and under) for its Holiday production of A Christmas Story: The Musical. Seeking talented singers/dancers/actors for leading roles and ensemble in this Wagon Wheel production.

When: Saturday October 11, 2014 at 10am

Where: Wagon Wheel Theatre
 2515 E. Center St.; Warsaw, IN

Production rehearsals: (All Subject to Change!) November 22 and 23 all day/evening.  November 24-26 after school. Off Thanksgiving day November 27. November 28-30 all day/evening. December 1-3 after school. December 4 all day/evening.

PerformancesDecember 5 and 6 at 8pm (7pm call time), Sunday 7th at 2pm (1pm call time).  December 12 and 13 at 8pm (7pm call time), Sunday 14th at 2pm (1pm call time). December 19 and 20 at 8pm (7pm call time), Sunday 21st at 2pm (1pm call time)

Daytime shows for schools:  (Requires kids to miss at least a half day of school. All shows start at 10am and kids are required to be there by 9am)
December 10, 11, and 12.  December 16, 17, and 18.

What to prepare:  Nothing.  We will provide you with a song to learn and some kids will be kept to do a short dance combination and read from the script.
*NOTE:  Kids must be able to attend all rehearsals and performances.  Please get clearance from your schools to be allowed to miss some days.  All kids must be in good standing as a student (Grades and education comes first).

RALPHIE: age 10-12 (to play 9, going on 10)  His voice must be UNCHANGED. MUST be on the short side. A regular kid – cute but not handsome, winsome but not precious. Seeking a young kid who is comfortable on stage but real. Must be an excellent singer and able to carry a show. 
RANDY: age 10-12.  Ralphie’s younger brother. Smaller than Ralphie; the cuter the better. Can be a bit awkward and offbeat; admires his big brother Ralphie, but won’t admit it. Seeking a young kid who is comfortable on stage but real. 
SCUT FARCUS: age 12-16. A meanie – the bully; lean, taller than the other kids; there’s nothing about him you want to like. He’s that kid you always made sure to avoid in school.  Gruff character voice. Actor must be 5'0" or under.
10 ENSEMBLE SINGER/DANCERS: Boys and Girls age 10-16.  Must be strong singer and dancers able to learn music and pick up dance steps easily.  Some speaking roles also available. 

More detailed information can be obtained on the day of the audition. 

Thank you and hope to see you there!
Scott Michaels
Artistic Director, Wagon Wheel Theatre

Audition Results for Sleepy Hollow

Congratulations to:

Archer, Carson
Awald, Isabelle
Boyle, Rachel
Conner, Emmie
Cooke, Theo
Dawson, Devin
Elliott, Emily
Fisher, Josh
Gerst, Hayden
Hawblitzel, Andrew
Hoskins, Callen
Hoskins, Chloe
Housel, Lauren
James, Olivia
Lowman, Nicholas
Moore, Naevenya
Neubaum, Cassidy
Peloza, Ian
Phipps, Harrison
Phipps, Meredith
Priest, Patrick
Robison, William
Schlitt, Sophia
Shapiro, Jacob
Shapiro, Matt
Silveus, Layla
Smith, Rachel
Thomas, Jaycie
Trump, Sydney